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ageless yoga classes adelaide

Experience the benefits of Ageless Yoga

Using gentle, yet powerful Yoga techniques from ancient India, Tibet and China, the Ageless Yoga classes can dramatically improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by

  • Increasing your flexibility and fitness

  • Reducing your stress levels

  • Improving your posture and balance

  • Relieving tension

  • Improving your strength and muscle tone

  • Helping you to relax better

  • Balancing your hormonal system

  • Restoring youthful vitality

A regular yoga practice will increase your overall energy, help you to sleep better and provide you with a conscious outlet for unconsciously held physical tension and stress.

You will stretch and strengthen the muscular and skeletal systems, stimulate and regulate the hormonal and immune systems, improve digestion, respiration, circulation, resulting in a more youthful, healthy body.

There are Ageless Yoga classes around the eastern suburbs of Adelaide in Walkerville, Athelstone and Toorak Gardens

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